Night to Remember

Massachusetts Avenue.that’s where I stood in front of you
Bleach blonde hair and eyes so blue, nothing I could say to you
That same night we ended up, on someone’s loft, beer in a cup
Holding hands, kiss goodnight, memories that stay alive

A night with you to remember
A night with you to say goodbye

Massachusetts Avenue, that’s the night our eyes were glued
Party down a block or two, I couldn’t wait to talk to you
Your band had played, I will confess, I thought you’d be like all the rest
You’d prove to me a thing or two, a love that never felt so new

There we were, a year to pass, on the road we thought would last
Your band would move, and I would too, to the friend I found in you
I don’t know why the love we shared, disappeared into thin air
Maybe it’s those times we made, memories that never fade