Just Tonight

Tell me, tell me what you want to do to me
And promise not to lie again
Holding out but now the time is right you say
You’ve got me feeling high again
Everyone is dancing, that’s what music is for
But the bruise you wear makes me unsure
A hundred fireflies flashing in your head
It would be better if we sat this one out instead

Just tonight, I’ll make pretend it’s fine
Just tonight, I’ll drive you home again
Sleep it off, I promise this is right
Tomorrow we will still be friends

You look pale in the cold blue light of the dashboard
And you’re insisting that tonight is the night, is the night, is the night, is the night
I don’t think so, in fact I know it’s not

Tell me, tell me why you cry so suddenly
And why you hide behind your tears
Put the window up so we can talk about it
No one else needs to hear
Everyone is staring, keep your voice low
They don’t care who’s right they just want a show
Don’t let their voices get inside your head
It would be better if you sat back down instead