Wait Here For You

Moving in the black wood, as the crow flies
Floating like a specter, in and out of the
Light fades and brings the shade
To wash away mistakes mistakes I've made
Standing on the corner, under a street light
Hoping you will show up, with desire to
Spend some time alone and find
The things we love to do to pass the time

Will this the end of sorrow be
Or will you make my misery?

When the night comes down, all I can do
Is wait here for you, wait here for you
Time it races by, but time is a fool
I still wait here for you, wait here for you

Climbing through the window, into the moonlight
Rustle in the branches, unafraid of the
Way she takes the dark away
Replacing it with shades of gray, of gray
Sitting by the lakeside, under a dead tree
False illuminations, bleeding out of her
Silhouette, she turns to me
Is this for real, or just a fantasy?