Saddest Clown

Hear my voices
Stretched so thin
I'm on the brink of it
It's happening again

You'll push play to live for me
Happiness I cannot see
Circles in my head repeat
I'm all to you and nothing to me

Sent my warnings
My eyes don't lie
I'm hiding once again
All smiles aside

Your laughter is my purpose here
I hate to bring you all to tears
My legacy will prove that fears
have severed all my efforts here

Breathing feeling so sickly
How can I live when I don't feel free
Trapped in this thing that I call me
Reach for, reach for, reach for it, reach for

I've checked out this time for good
The demons told me that I would
I can't pretend that I am free
I'm the saddest clown you'll ever meet